Furnace Conversions & Installations

At your free in-person consultation, one of our knowledgeable technicians will discuss with you the various options available and what would be most suitable for your home. 

We specialize in oil to natural gas and wood to natural gas conversions and can assist you in determining which option is the most cost-effective with regards to installation and long-term use. 

We are happy to provide our customers with a free quotation outlining each option of interest and the pricing for same.


Air Conditioner Installations

Our qualified technicians will determine what size air conditioning unit would be required to sufficiently cool your home with the least run-time.

We also offer ductless, wall-mounted options.


Fireplace Installations

There are many different types, models and sizes of gas fireplaces to choose from based on your needs and budget. Our certified installation technicians can provide you with information to assist you in choosing what is best for you and answer any questions you may have. 

There are also many different options to choose from when it comes to surround style, log insets and coloured glass beads.


Ductwork Design & Installation

No ductwork? No problem! We are here to help. 

Schedule a time to meet with a member of our team to discuss designing a duct system suitable for your home and family's needs. 

With careful thought and consideration, we will design a complete duct system for your home or cottage that will allow air to flow smoothly and efficiently and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Gas Line Installations and Upgrades

Contact us today for a free quote for your new gas line or gas line size upgrade. 

We will assess the current size and configuration of any existing gas lines and provide you with a plan that fits your vision.


Complete HVAC Design & Plans

Designing a new home or cottage?


Routine Maintenance & Cleanings

Call us anytime to book your routine furnace, air conditioner or fireplace maintenance. It is important that you have your home's equipment cleaned and serviced annually to ensure it is in proper working order and to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.

Home owners can do their part by setting a reminder to change the furnace filter once every 6 months.


Diagnostic & Repairs


Not Listed Here?

We offer a number of other typical HVAC services not listed here such as water heater installations, garage heaters, barbecues, patio flame tables and much more. 

Please contact us anytime to discuss or schedule a time to receive your free in-person consultation and quotation.